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Motive Power Batteries

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Striker Standard Battery

Affordable and reliable, our Standard Series battery delivers the performance you need to keep your operation up and running and your costs down. The durable Standard Series battery is ideal for any application and make and model of forklift. 


Striker High Capacity Battery

Want a battery that delivers more run time? Our High Capacity Series delivers up to 15% more run time vs. a standard amp hour battery. Ideal for tough warehouse applications, the High Capacity Series handles higher lifting, longer runs, and heavier loads. 

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Striker Fast Charge Battery

Don’t want to waste time changing a battery three times a day? Want to lower expenses and raise productivity? Our Fast Charge battery is the ideal solution. It’s designed to reliably handle the demands of three-shift operations. 


Striker Maintenance Free Battery

Want to reduce your maintenance costs? Our Maintenance Free battery is completely sealed, so there’s zero watering. You save time, effort and expense. This dependable, battery is ideal for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. 


Striker Low Maintenance Battery

Do you struggle keeping your batteries watered? Our Low Maintenance battery reduces the need to water by up to 75%. Ideal for any application, this time- and money-saving battery reduces maintenance cost while keeping your operation moving. 


Striker Lithium Ion Battery

The future of forklift batteries is here. Our Lithium Ion battery eliminates costly maintenance, while delivering reliable power all shift long – shift after shift. Designed to tackle even the toughest jobs, it’s the right choice for any application.