Want to reduce the number of batteries required to make it through the day? The opportunity charger allows your forklift operators to charge the batteries throughout the day during breaks and downtime.

    1. Exclusive Charge Profiles such as: 6/8h Charge, Smart Pulse and Ionic
    2. Flooded, Cold Storage and VRLA Modes
    3. 240/480/600Vac, 3 phase Models
    4. Statistics of the 300 last charge cycles
    5. Superior energy efficiency
    6. Real time clock and calendar Alphanumeric display
    7. Programmable features such as: Modulated equalize cycles, Start/stop window, Gassing point voltage
Striker Power
ApplicationOpportunity Charge Solution
DC Output Voltage12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 72v, 80v
AH Range425 - 1500 AH
Input Line Voltage 208v, 240v, 480v, 600v (1 & 3 Phase)
Shift Usage1-3 Shifts
Striker Air SystemAvailable
Battery Solutions Flooded, Gel, Maintenance-Free

Striker Power Opportunity Charger