Want a battery that delivers more run time? Our High Capacity Series delivers up to 15% more run time vs. a standard amp hour battery. Ideal for tough warehouse applications, the High Capacity Series handles higher lifting, longer runs, and heavier loads.

  1. Tubular Cell Technology - Extremely efficient plate technology designed for higher amp hour and lower operating temperature.
  2. High Capacity - Tubular technology allows for the addition of additional plates within the same compartment. This increases the amp hour by up to 15%.
  3. Minimal Water Consumption - The micro-porous separator allows you to focus more on your operation and less on watering.
  4. Superior Durability - The positive armored tube plate reduces vibrations and keeps your battery running efficiently.
  5. Less Maintenance - The Pro Series is easier to maintain with larger water reservoirs, has shorter cool down times and better thermal resistance.
Striker Power
ApplicationStriker Power Solutions
Watering CyclesWeekly
Capacity100-1,550 AH
Inter-Cell ConnectionsBolt-On Cell Connector
Life Cycles1,500+
Single Point Watering SystemOptional
Stiker Air SystemOptional
Electrolyte Level Sensor
Charging Solutions1 Phase, 3 Phase, High
Frequency Multi Voltage

Striker Power Pro Battery