Here's how we can power your business:

Batteries and Chargers

Striker Power sells a full range of motive batteries and motive chargers. We take the time to understand your material needs needs so we can provide you with personalized power solutions that maximize your uptime.

Service and Maintenance

Our commitment to service and maintenance is supported by a North American wide service network. Have peace of mind knowing that we are here to help, quickly, and with the experience to find the right solution every time.

Fleet Assessments

Our experienced team can recommend solutions that optimize all of your power needs. Our battery & charger usage reviews are supported by the products and service to keep your business fully powered and running smoothtly.

Our customers come back because our applications and solutions are the ones they need time and again

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Global Recycling Day 2022

On Global Recycling Day we’re recognizing the dedication of communities and the industry that recover and recycle over 99% of lead batteries – a circular economy that represents the most recycled consumer product in North America.

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