Want to reduce your maintenance costs? Our Maintenance Free battery is completely sealed, so there’s zero watering. You save time, effort and expense. This dependable, battery is ideal for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

  1. Zero Maintenance - Maintenance free batteries incorporate several modifications over a conventional battery. The most significant feature is that they are sealed and require no service attention other than to be kept clean.
  2. Improved performance in the cold - maintenance free batteries offer better cold weather starting power
  3. Rugged - maintenance free batteries offer improved resistance to heat and vibration damage.
  4. Low Emissions - Extremely low self-discharge. Extremely low gassing during operation.
No Maintenance
ApplicationMaintenance Free Solutions
Watering CyclesNA
Capacity160 – 750 AH
Inter-Cell ConnectionsBolt-on & Welded
Life Cycles1,200 - 1,500
Single Point Watering SystemNA
Stiker Air SystemNA
Electrolyte Level Sensor
Charging Solutions1 Phase, 3 Phase, High
Frequency Multi Voltage

Striker Power Maintenance Free Battery