Affordable and reliable. The Plus Series battery delivers the performance you need to keep your operation up and running and your costs down. The durable Plus Series battery is ideal for any application and make and model of forklift.

  1. Lid - Unique design is superior for sealing the terminal posts through specially formulated rubber gaskets. The lid can be adapted for use with the 1 Striker Air System (mixing of air while charging).
  2. Post - M10 threaded post insert ensures the highest electrical conductivity while maintaining a strong connection with the plates.
  3. Bolt-On Cell Connector - Specifically designed to ensure the perfect electrical connection and throughput of energy. The connector is fully insulated to protect from acid.
  4. Separator - Complete insulation between the positive and negative plates to ensure high performance over the life of the battery. The microporous envelop allows the electrolyte to flow freely throughout the cell.
  5. Positive Plate - Designed to provide maximum current carrying capacity. This is achieved using tubular design, due casting, and state of the art technology.
  6. Negative Plate - Designed for improved holding of active material and high electrical conductivity.
Striker Power
ApplicationStriker Power Solutions
Watering CyclesWeekly
Capacity100-1,550 AH
Inter-Cell ConnectionsWelded Connector
Life Cycles1,500+
Single Point Watering SystemOptional
Stiker Air SystemOptional
Electrolyte Level Sensor
Charging Solutions1 Phase, 3 Phase, High Frequency Multi Voltage Opportunity

Striker Power Plus Battery