The ideal charger for the recharge and refresh of your entire battery portfolio. The High Frequency Multi Voltage Charger is ideal for any battery type, without the stress of looking for a dedicated charge.

  1. Flexible Voltage - For workshop operations requiring the charge of batteries from 2V to 80V
  2. Easy to use - An intuitive "parameters setting" and integrated OLED display
  3. Practical - Supplied with iron stand and cables holder on request
  4. Efficient Cool-down system - Dedicated air cooling direct to heatsink only. Temperature-regulated fan speed
  5. HRC3 version - 4 dedicated programs (programmable by PC)
Striker Power High Frequency Charger
ApplicationHigh Efficiency Solution
DC Output Voltage2v, 6v, 8v, 10v, 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 60v, 72v, 80v
AH Range310 - 1,880 AH
Input Line Voltage 208v, 240v, 480v, 600v (3 Phase)
Shift Usage1-3 Shifts
Striker Air SystemOptional
Battery Solutions Flooded, Gel, Maintenance-Free

Striker Power High Frequency Multi Voltage Charger