The future of forklift batteries is here. Our Lithium battery eliminates costly maintenance, while delivering reliable power all shift long – shift after shift. Designed to tackle even the toughest jobs, it’s the right choice for high usage applications.

  1. Zero Maintenance - No watering, no cleaning or repairs, and no swapping of batteries. A warehouse with 30 forklifts could save over $250,000 over four years in maintenance costs.
  2. Life Span - A lead acid battery has a life span of up to 1,500 cycles. Our Lithium batteries can up to 5,000 cycles and still retain 80% of the original capacity.
  3. Fastest Charge - Our Lithium Technology allows the operator to fully charge their battery in under two hours.
  4. Save on Electricity - Save up to 25% in electricity costs against the most efficient lead acid battery chargers.
  5. Cold Storage - Lead acid batteries can lose up to 30% capacity in a refrigerator and up to 50% in a freezer. We have a Lithium battery designed to retain almost 100%.
  6. Hot Environment - Lead acid batteries can overheat, cause damage & lose capacity. We have a Lithium battery designed to keep the battery cool up to a maximum ambient temperature of 175 degrees.
Lithium Technology
ApplicationLithium Power Solutions
Watering CyclesNo Watering Required
Capacity100-1,200 AH
Inter-Cell ConnectionsBolt-On Cell Connector
Life Cycles3,000 - 5,000
Single Point Watering SystemNo Watering System Required
Stiker Air SystemNo Air System Required
Electrolyte Level Sensor
No Sensor Required
Charging SolutionsLithium Technology

Striker Power Lithium Battery